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Welcome to Harry's house at 2101 E 4th St., Duluth, Minnesota
Don Quixote is the latest of many regular visitors.

In summary, Harry was a Republican for 30 years. He is a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. He has been attending Democratic Precinct Caucuses since 2006. He has elective experience in the largest city in Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District.
He has always been aggravated that politicians are so eager to get elected that they will undermine the nation if it helps them replace the politicians who are in charge. He has a sense of humor. It makes lots of people uncomfortable. He has left a "paper trail" on the Internet a mile long.

Related to the sentence in bold Harry believes President Obama was right to stimulate the economy with Federal Spending. See Point 3 below under policy positions. Harry is also concerned about the National Debt and has been since he joined the Concord Coalition after 1992. He lays the greatest blame for it on the Republican Party for allowing the debt to get out of hand under President George W. Bush.


Four policy reasons why you might want to support Harry

1. Supports Ron Paul's foreign policy - its the original Republican policy - MYOB - More here
2. Sympathetic to Ron Paul's libertarian "keep your government out of my business if its not hurting anyone" point of view - More here.
3. Unlike Paul believes in the same tried and true economic model agreed upon by 90% of economists, to wit:
A, Pay off debts in prosperous years with taxes not borrowing.
B. Spend tax money to stimulate economy during depressions/recessions. - More here
4. Recognizes that America is like every other nation and embraces socialism in Social Security, Medicare, Hwy building, etc. Chief interest is in not overpromising what we can provide people. -
More here

Six practical reasons why you might support Harry

Go directly to Harry's blog - lincolndemocrat.com