Gorilla Slippers
Visit to the Attic




Sometimes I have so much to read I despair of accomplishing anything .

Gorilla Slippers Great read aloud Books for kids and some sound bites from me reading, if you have your speakers turned on

Visit to the Attic I wrote this book and its my own special book genre - semi autobiographical pseudo science fiction children's adventure book. Order it from me or Amazon.com (I haven't sent any copies to Amazon yet)

Harry's Nap A picture book collaboration with my Mom that never got finished

www.Pilkey.com - One of the most humorous and humane web pages I've ever read - by author/illustrator Dav Pilkey

Books I've Read My Reading List (This list does not include any children's literature. It only includes books for adults that I've read cover to cover including, usually, all the footnotes. Most of the books are non-fiction)

Don't Just Read -READ!

Some day I may fill out the following.

underconstruct.GIF (299 bytes)Books I've Bought.