Mr. Welty - I thought that the population of Duluth, when it mobilized thousands of volunteers and protestors, made itself clear the LAST time a two high school system was proposed??? If you are truly concerned with public input and want to represent the public, then work within the "givens" as set forth by the public. WE DO DOES NOT WANT A TWO HIGH SCHOOL SYSTEM!
Go back to the other plans and concentrate your efforts there. Stop wasting our time and money researching plans you have already been firmly told are not going to be well received.


My Reply to MS

Dear M S,

In the past several weeks I've received perhaps a hundred calls, emails and letters telling me that we are long overdue for a two-high school system. Your communication is the first one telling me we must keep three high schools. I will wait to hear from others like you before backing off a serious proposal which deals with our shrunken school age population.


Harry Welty

MS writes back:

Thank you for responding. If, and only if, you are going to close a school, then lets look at closing East. Why should the middle corridor always be the subject of permanent change? I am not talking about a cursory look at closing East to pacify the middle corridor constituents, but an honest look at closing East. The middle corridor has suffered through the 709's long-term plans too many times. It is time fairness is brought to the table and other corridors experience the brunt of declining enrollment.

and I write back to MS

I agree M, and I am the one who has suggested that Central would be a better location for a high school. 

You had commented before that we should listen to the thousands of people who mobilized to save Central ten years ago. It happens that the thousands of voices ringing in our ears at the moment are those of the elementary school parents. Its hard to ignore that much public outcry.

The one good thing about our current situation is that absolutely everything is on the table. I have a portion of my website devoted to the debate. Feel free to look it over at: www.snowbizz.com

All the best,

Harry Welty