John Brown

John Steuart Curry painted historic Kansas Scenes in the Kansas state capitol building in the 1930's. They were controversial at the time. This is the best known, John Brown.

I wondered out loud in a column whether Topeka had done anything to commemorate the famous Supreme Court Decision.  Yes, Indeed! This is the old all black Monroe school where Miss Brown attended school far from her home. It has been designated as a National Historic site.

I also discovered a little family history while at a family reunion in Topeka in May of 2002. My Grandmother's house was a few blocks away from Monroe. When she was a little girl she attended an earlier Monroe school. She rode her horse to Monroe school when she was a girl and it would walk back the block or so to her family's home on its own.

The house blew away in a tornado in 1968. My father's Aunt Nancy (another interesting story) now belongs to the following association which commemorates Brown v. Board. http://brownvboard.org/