Failed endorsement shames Democrats

Being a Republican, it's none of my business if the Democrats in Duluth fight to shrink themselves into a collection of lily white, middle-class people who could fit into a telephone booth. Still, I was appalled when my fiend, Mary Cameron, failed to win DFL endorsement for her re-election to the School Board. Cameron has been a passionate defender of minority interests in the four years I've served with her on the board. I guess diversity has no place in the new DFL. Maybe that explains why their last candidate for governor came in third.

Evidently, Cameron, like me, is too independent to go along with whatever mindset sweeps over her party. Four years ago Republicans shook their heads as I championed Cameron's cause. She was, after all, an active, vocal and loyal Democrat. I introduced myself to her just before filing for the school board in 1995 because I'd heard she might be running against me. How wrong I was! She is a treasure. I helped her paint her lawn signs.

So she shouldn't feel bad. I think the people of Duluth would prefer to keep their School Board non-partisan. Besides, who would want help from a party that wouldn't endorse {the late State Rep.} These words were added by the Tribune Willard Munger?

Harry Welty

Correction 8-24-99 Due to an editing error, a letter in Sunday's News-Tribune from Harry Welty of Duluth erroneously identified which candidate was denied DFL endorsement in a bid for the state Legislature. The writer intended to refer to Willard "Will" Munger Jr.