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What is let Duluth Vote's Alternative Plan?

How did we arrive at the $128 million figure in bonding for our alternative to the Red Plan?

These figures are taken from Johnson Control's calculations. We have assumed the same 14% construction inflation increase that JCI has calculated. This bumps the total from $170,207,209 million to approximately $194 million. Because the School Board has already authorized $66,092,086 million in bonds which will go toward the Red Plan we have deducted this amount  from the total so that our petition asks for $128 million total.  (The total price tag of our alternative is $194 million) The overall cost  for the projects listed below is almost $100 million less than the spending on the Red Plan.

  • Plan B has the central middle school built on the Central HS campus.  This would lead to major construction savings and ongoing opportunities for operational savings with staff sharing possible between the 2 schools on the same site
  • Property acquisition around Ordean would not be necessary.
  • Plan B would sell all unused district properties, just like the red plan. 
  • At the elementary level, the building configurations are close to being identical to the red plan except that our plan retains two more elementary schools than the Red Plan.
  • The main difference is 3 high schools and 3 middle schools, instead of 2 of each.  Also we don't fix everything in every building all at once.  What school district ever does?  We recognize that we will need to have an ongoing maintenance plan.
  • Plan B is much smaller than the red plan but still accomplishes a huge amount of renovation and new construction.  There is no way it can be termed any kind of a minimalist approach to the district's facilities issues.  It would still be one of the single biggest school building programs in state history.

To cast a "no" vote on the Red Plan it will be necessary for voters to vote "yes" on our smaller plan.

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