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Sleazy and Immoral Political graft from ISD 709

The webmaster can't believe how transparently corrupt this little bit of proposed payback is.

Dr. Dixon wants to pay for political propaganda by thinly disguising it as a new means of getting information out on the School District.  Howie Hanson who has cobbled together a threadbare existence as a news disseminator with publications like Twin Ports People and on his blog is about to be paid $19,000 for helping the District get info on Facebook and in other ways. Its about as crass a way to give him some payback for beating up candidates who were critical of the Red Plan as you can find.   

One of Howie's last acts was to criticize Tom Kaspar and Art Johnston for not caring about our high school traditions. They got elected anyway. Once he pockets $19,000 no one can guarantee that he will still defend the Red Plan School Board members. Its very curious that he's being paid retroactively back to Sept 1 before the Primary election.  

I should have paid more attention to what he was sending out over the Internet.

Here's the contractor information provided to the School Board:

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The last word on the Red Plan can be found on Harry Welty's blog:
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