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Thank You Notes with Contributions
(a word of explanation - these are unsolicited thank you notes that have been returned with some of the donations we've received from our supporters. Many have donated several times. As near as we can tell 2,000 different people have contributed. The Duluth School District has about 50,000 people who are eligible to vote. That means that 1 in 25 voters have donated to stop the Red Plan! That's DONATED mind you.) Many will also contribute to anyone who challenges the current school board incumbents. 

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We have.

May 16
And what would that school be? 
The one we don't have any buyers for, according to Dr. Dixon, and that 
we will be selling for a third of its value to the District?

May 15

May 14

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May 5
As to our progress: They keep coming in. We can handle an appeal or start a new lawsuit. 
Also, we're planning a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. That should be fun.

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from a "frustrated parent."

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written on the back of an envelope

Apr 2
"Everybody wins." an alternate plan.

Apr 1

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Written on our letter this person complains that his property taxes have increased 150%.

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Mar 15
First we'll have to see them in court.

Mar 14

Mar 13
Sorry but the webmaster has been very busy and has shirked this daily duty. 

Mar 10

Mar 9
Oops, missed March 8th. The webmaster must have been busy.

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"I really truly cannot afford to send you this money but I also cannot stand by and watch what is happening."

Feb 15
From someone who knows a thing or two. 
"Enclosed is a few dollars to add to the fund to halt this thievery..."

Feb 14

Feb 13

Feb 12

Feb 11

Feb 10

Feb 9
This is from a past officer of the Duluth Teacher's Union

Feb 8

Feb 7

Feb 6
In case you can't read what it says:
"What rational, logical, thinking human being would take a perfectly good high school (East) and turn it into a middle school, then take a perfectly good middle school (Ordean) and turn it into a high school? This school board mentality is already ruining our system of public education in Duluth and must be stopped!!"

Feb 5

Feb 4

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Feb 1
This is short and sweet or sour maybe. We have some very long letters but these few words sum up the general discontent.

Jan 31

Jan 30

Jan 29
This note comes from one of a dozen letters to returned not to the LDV post office box but to an active member of Let Duluth Vote. It came with three crisp new ten dollar bills.

Jan 28

Jan 27

Jan 26
I just grabbed the top note on the pile.

Jan 25
The webmaster is back. Yeehaw! We'll begin posting the huge backlog of thank yous. Over the past 12 days with 1/4th of the school district's households yet to receive our mail 739 folks sent back letters to LDV most with donations and many with thank yous. Of these, eleven expressed disagreement with us. One of the more printable opposition notes follows this thank you. Its from contractors who are outraged by the School Board.  


This one only calls us "crooks."

Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 23
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 22
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 21
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 20
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 19
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 18
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 17
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 16
Belated entry due to Web master's vacation.

Jan 15

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Jan 11
Many donors contribute anonymously. Some may be School District employees who dislike the Red Plan but who are fearful of suffering retribution at the hands of the Administration. This contributor sealed a ten dollar bill in this piece of paper but put a happy face on it. 

Jan 10
We received almost 60 letters with donations today. We've never asked for Thank yous. They just come at a rate of one per ten donations. There are a lot to choose from today and we've already got a big stockpile of past thank yous. Our webmaster will soon be on vacation for two weeks so you will need to catch his blog - to see a new thank you each day until he returns and can attend to this website. Here's today's:

Jan 9
We do have them available.

Jan 8
People send us thanks in the memos too. These proud Central grads wanted us to know that Central produced health care professionals from their three children. Two are doctors and one is a physical therapist.

Jan 7

Jan 6

Jan 5
This person sent us the letter he sent the School Board but which was never acknowledged. 
That's why he donated $100 to Let Duluth Vote. This is how it begins:

Jan 4

Jan 3 

Jan 2 
Sorry about gap in posts. We've been too busy to keep up. 5,000 more fundraising letters went out just after Christmas. Today the first replies began showing up. We hide the names.

Dec 20

Dec 19
Apparently everyone in these two extended families supports Let Duluth Vote

Dec 18
A medical condition is draining away this family's resources but they still sent us a small contribution. By the way, A Trib story, without meaning to contradict the School Board,  just made it clear that the taxes on an average home because of the Red Plan will be three times higher than the School Board said.

Dec 17
The notes says: "Hope this little bit helps."
What's your bet that this was from a person digging deep to give us a hand. 
Just imagine what inflation, if and when it hits, will do to such folks.

Dec 13

Dec 12
Dec 12

Dec 11


If you care about Duluth and its schools 
don't put your faith in the Duluth News Tribune
The last word on the Red Plan can be found on Harry Welty's blog:
And if you're looking for some particular piece of information use the blog's search function.
You never can tell what you'll find.