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The Survey

In April of 2007, JCI paid for a survey. The widely reported result of the survey was that 71% of Duluth voters were so eager to adopt the Red Plan that they didn't feel it was necessary to bother with an election for the quarter-billion-dollar plan. They even put that "fact" in their report to the state for review and comment. 300 people were given dubious information and asked misleading questions. This survey has become a substitute for an election, our election. 

By the way, JCI's survey was very hard to read. Good luck reading it. It took our webmaster two hours to make it readable. The unreadable version is the one you will still find on the District's website.  Ours is much better.  

Managing the Red Plan's construction will net JCI millions. You'd have thought that any survey that helped them make millions would have been worth JCI's effort to make it presentable. It would only have cost them $50 of a typist's time. But then again, maybe they didn't really want anyone pouring over it.

Read the complete, official JCI survey results with our comments

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