Feb. 19, 1988

Jim Ed & Dale Conley
45 E 7th ( once 8th ) St.
St. Paul, ( once St. Anthony ) MN 55101

Dear Gentlemen,

At the approach of the pivotal date in World history, February 28, I thought I would pass along the following. As we all remember, in the year 1900 the British pressed their advantage and finally relieved their beleaguered comrades in Ladysmith, during the fury of the Boer War.

Last Fall ( at about the anniversary of the beginning of the Siege of Ladysmith ) my daughter Keely was invited by her teacher to share with her first grade class items of personal interest, teddy bears, music boxes, baby pictures, small pets etc. Among the items Keely chose to share was her goldfish Ladysmith.

Her father ( that's me ), decided to make the fish the subject of a geography lesson. A big map, and the enclosed story " The naming of Ladysmith," was sent along with the fish to school. On route to school ,with the fish precariously perched upon her lap, my daughter suddenly blurted out ... " Ladysmith on the radio! " In fact this was exactly the case. Listening to the morning program she had heard Jim Ed announce that a song by the group Ladysmith Black Mombasa was the next selection. And so Ladysmith had a very appropriate and coincidental serenade on her way to a day in first grade. Ladysmith is now two years old by-the-way

I have sent for your edification said story which was read to the children in Keely's class.

Hail Britannia!

Yours faithfully,

Harry Welty