Mom's Art

My Mom does art.  She wanted me to be an artist too but when I went into politics she gave up on me and decided to pursue her own life ambition.  Thank God!  Now I can continue my own work which has more in common with "performance art."  Here's a Sample of Mom's art:

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Batch One - This page contains some examples of my Mother's water colors. They will appear as thumbnails. Just press a thumbnail to see an enlarged version of it.

Batch Two - More paintings

Harry's Nap - Back in the early 90's I asked my Mom to illustrate a story I had written. She was doubtful about her skills but I was delighted. Sorry to say the project was never completed but you're welcome to peek at her work.

Ripsaw News Sawyer Award 2000

Most Unique Artist Web site 
Local persona Harry Welty has been crafting flakes of frozen water for several years now, and has turned his front yard into the place to see snow sculptures. However, Welty has been known to sculpt the arctic precipitate in other places as well, and you can view his many works on his Web site. Of particular note is the inclusion of artwork by his mother, Georganne Welty, on the site. Her watercolors are vivid and (in Harry Welty’s words) “hallucinogenic,” and are alone worth a trip to his site.