Saturday, April 3, 2003

Go for the Geld

Dear Hockey Saga Diary,

What a lovely, sunny day to leave the Hockey controversy behind. Claudia and I hopped in the car and drove to Bayfield at nine AM. There was nothing green on the road but the sunshine was glorious. I made predictions about the temperature we could expect to encounter at Bayfield, Ashland and Poplar as we traveled in a big circle back to Duluth. Claudia took great delight whenever I was off by ten degrees or more which was true almost all of the time. I wish I could be lucky at something.

Lake Superior was choked with ice floes by Bayfield and there was a trace of snow in some of the culverts. They got about 30 inches of snow a month ago and it has only just disappeared. We bought an apple pie in Bayfield from the "pie lady" to bring back home. The pie lady's husband used to be the band director at Morgan Park. She told me that Deb Devaney, the current director,  had recently dedicated a concert to him. 

We had lunch at Ashland then headed home with the sun streaming down through the sun roof. The freedom from testosterone didn't last long. When we got to London Road and 21st Av. East we found half a dozen Duluth East hockey players standing with signs in support of their coach. They were having people sign a petition to have him reinstated. That night on the news I heard that they got over 1,100 signatures. 

Today was the run for the roses, the Kentucky Derby. Because we had just stayed in a Lexington, Kentucky B&B last fall we decided to watch it. We'd brought "mint julip" mix back from Kentucky so we were going to do it up right. I bought some bourbon and fresh mint and we made our own julips. We watched an hour of "pre game" analysis. I'd never heard of any of the horses before but as with any contest, the Academy Awards, Miss America; I had to root for some contestant. As soon as I heard that there was a gelding in the race I knew who my favorite had to be. I'm tired of testosterone. 

No gelding had won the Derby since 1929. I yelled over to Claudia that I was going to "Go for the geld."  I yelled even louder a few minutes later when Funny Cide won by a body length. How about that. A little shot of luck. Too bad about the stud fees. 

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