Posted on Sun, Apr. 18, 2004

Letters to the Editor

School Board should wait to reinstate Randolph

Word on the street says that Mike Randolph will be reinstated as Duluth East's hockey coach. Apparently the fix has been in ever since Randolph's powerful supporters elected a new School Board last fall.

Randolph and his supporters have always said he was given a procedural raw deal. Last year seven out of nine board members disagreed with this contention. The litigious Randolph, backed by his union, has challenged the district at the Bureau of Mediation Services. Word on the street also says that Randolph is going to win his case next month.

I'm eager to hear how the bureau rules, but if the board reinstates Randolph this month the case will become moot and no one will ever know which side was right.

Before the new School Board bypasses the mediator, I think there are two things that should be considered. First, the administration should explain why Randolph was terminated. Randolph wanted to know and so did the public. I understood the reasons for their tight lips last year, but those reasons no longer exist.

Second, the board should consider what's best for the kids on the East hockey team. After their third-place finish at the state tournament, I suspect a lot of the boys would prefer to keep their new coach. Todd Wentworth did a great job.

Before he took over, everyone told me that this year would be a disaster for the Hounds. Randolph himself told me he didn't envy his replacement.

I would hate to see the board act prematurely. If it does, it will taint a decision about an issue that should have been a molehill but which became a mountain. Wait for the mediation to be completed.


The writer is a former Duluth School Board member