Friday , May 30, 2003

Horse Hockey

Dear Hockey Saga Diary,

My last diary entry was as good a place to run out of steam as any. (My house guest from the Congo suffered from Malaria that week and the effort to write daily entries just didn't seem that important)  Besides, since I stopped writing regularly only 38 people have read it.

Since I wrote last I've continued to be guided by the last person I've talked to. Even now after I've come to the reluctant conclusion that I'll support the non renewal I'm still changing my mind about the merits of the case because I keep getting new insights. I expect that to continue. This leads me to think that, as inconvenient as it is now to deal with, we must have a grand summit to determine the proper place for hockey in the Duluth Schools.

As I continue to vacillate I'll add more but as for now here are my thoughts on several of the pieces of the hockey puzzle.

Mike Randolph - character, the fight, honesty, swagger, crimes

Laurie Knapp - hockey history, recusal, consequences

Bob Mars - the Bob I know, calling the shots vs. cat herding, divided loyalties, victim of his own personality

Bob Brooks -

The School Board -