Tuesday, May 6, 2003

The Agenda

Dear Hockey Saga Diary,

Mike has got his non renewal on the agenda. That news came last night when Julio left a voice message for school board members. Both Dorothy Neumann and Mary Cameron evidently told the reporter at the Tribune that they would ask that it be placed on the agenda. I haven't talked to either but it looks as though Dorothy decided to first and then when Mary was confronted with this said she would go along.

Bob Mars was pm the evening news. He described this discussion as being a lot narrower than the news story suggested the other Board members wanted it. There would be no mention of Mike at all if I understood him right. We'll see.

Mr. Brooks called yesterday. We talked for about an hour, considerably longer than he said he intended to talk. He had three questions which, being out of the loop I couldn't explain although they have troubled me too.  1. Why wasn't the Activity Director, Randolph's immediate superior, told of the decision until just before it was carried out? 2. Why weren't the results of a parental survey shared with athletic coaches? 3. Is it true that the principal at East had never talked with Randolph about any concerns she had about his program so that, if necessary, he could make changes?

Once again I refused to make any promises about how I would proceed. Notwithstanding the legal opinion arguing against this I'm still tempted to ask for a closed meeting to have the issues laid out for the Board. 

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