Politician's Diary - March 2002

The first paragraph of each day's entry follows the dated link to the full text.

Note, the men working icon indicates that I have put an outline or rough draft of an entry into the site. 

3-8-2002  Snow at Last!  Dear Political Diary, After three full days of consulting web techies and cleaning up my web page I finally got to upload to a new server. Its been almost two weeks since I wrote a diary entry and three weeks since I could make any changes at all to my website. Snowbizz at last, and on the first day of our brown winter to have a real snowfall, so much in fact, that school was called off. Snow at last!

  Monday, Mar 11, 2002 Lost Weeks  Dear Political Diary,   I hate getting out of the habit of writing to you. For over two weeks I've been unable to upload or make changes to my web page and had other writing assignments and emergencies drain away my time to keep you timely. Well, lets see if I can get back in the swing of things.

  Tuesday, 3-12-2002  Shoveling Dear Political Diary, I was scheduled to give blood early this morning but my son got home so late I was afraid he'd sleep through his alarm unless I was home to wake him up. I hate donating blood so this would be great except that I'm too conscientious for my own good. I made an appointment for next week later in the morning. That's a problem because it means I'll have several hours to stew about it before I go. I hope I don't chicken out.

  Wednesday, 3-13-2001 Barney Meets Godzilla  Dear Political Diary,

My apologies but I've been distracted. I'm also reluctant to write about my activities since they involve a number of campaigns including my own. Being too candid would be a little like inviting the opposing team's quarterback into my team's huddle. I hope to start writing again soon.

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