Politician's Diary - May 2002

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Wednesday, 5-1-2002   Rumors Confirmed  Dear Political Diary,  My one loyal reader has been shaming me into writing more entries. Well here goes. I've been finding other writing much more interesting than my diary entries lately. I spent much of yesterday finishing up this week's column for the Reader. This time I tweak the nose of the Duluth New Tribune. I'll have alienated everybody by the time the campaign season rolls around.

Thursday, 5-2-2002  First Cheesehead  Dear Political Diary,  I'll miss the Republican Congressional convention tomorrow. My mother, sister, aunt and uncle scheduled an impromptu reunion in the old homestead of Topeka Kansas. I'm hoping to add to more stories to my Antecedent's page.

Monday, 5-6-2002  Reunion  Dear Political Diary,  I skipped out on the Congressional convention this weekend. Unexpectedly, my Dad's brother and sister and my Mom organized a family reunion in Topeka, Kansas after selling of the family farm. My sister and I eagerly joined in and my brother almost made it until business interfered. I was excited to prowl Topeka, Kansas, again for the first time since my Grandmother's funeral in 1986. There were a lot of memories to revisit and I was in a hurry since my Mother's memories are beginning to fade.

Sunday, 5-12-2002  Ghosts Geeks Glass and Gone  Dear Political Diary,  Once again I feel like apologizing for being distracted from the diary. I've just got too many irons in the fire, including piano lessons which I began a month ago. I've had a hard time keeping up with piano practice too. I now know where middle C is on the piano, however. Whoo hoo!

Friday, May 17, 2002   I'm all Wet   Dear Political Diary,  About the time I was first elected to the School Board, Chester Park asked me to sit in the dunk tank at their Carnival. I agreed providing they filled the tank up with warm water. I was particularly good at harassing the kids to lengthen the line of dunkers. Maybe that explains why I keep  writing the Reader column. I must enjoy being a target.  Come to think of it that's what Jesse Ventura did in the WWF. At least I raised a lot of money for Chester Park.

Tuesday, 5-21-2002  Dancing with the DFT  Dear Political Diary,  Until Three O'clock this afternoon I had no intention of supporting the flawed DFT proposal to save the seve- period- day. I wanted to support an agreement much like last year's but the DFT had no intention of repeating their gesture from the year before. Instead they crafted an unacceptable proposal and led the teachers and public believe it was just duckie because it quacked. But....... at Three O'clock I reversed gears and pulled out my recipe book. I wanted to read the instructions for cooking duck la orange.

Thursday, 5-23-2002, Stuff during a Hiatus  Dear Political Diary,  I don't have much penciled in on my calendar for the next three days. If I'm lucky I'll finally get around to filing the heaps of papers on my floor. Bernice from Church did call yesterday to ask if I'd help serve lunch at the soup kitchen on Friday. I agreed but that will only last a couple of hours. It will be nice to see June and tease her about Frank Sinatra.

Friday, May 31, 2002  "Bolts of Lightning Booms of Thunder"   Dear Political Diary,  According to Frank Wanner's recent message to the teachers my recent grousing about our dealings with the DFT over the seven period day sounded like "Biblical prophecy," albeit a "Hollywood rendition" of such. Imagine me as Moses in place of Charelton Heston. I flattered. And I'm flattered that Frank saw fit to comment on my comments. Its worth noting that after our Board meeting, and the unanimous expression of unhappiness by the Board with the take-it-or-leave-it proposal handed to us, an acceptable agreement was hammered out. That's worth keeping in mind as you read the rest of Frank's column which dealt with what he regards as intransigence on the Board's part in contract negotiations. 

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