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So sayeth Diogenes   

"I'm searching for an honest man."

I've always gotten a kick out of old Diogenes. Sleeping in a bathtub! Whoa Nelly, I guess the English didn't invent eccentricity.  As much as I like him Diogenes was a cynic and I'm not.  I'm an optimist, a pragmatist and a skeptic. I'm probably even an idealist but I'm definitely not a cynic. Heck, I even drew the old fellow without his blindfold because I really would like him to find that honest man he was looking for. 

I've got a new gig. I'm writing for the Reader Weekly: I'll post my columns here as I crank them out. Other essays and miscellany from the past will be posted below as I dig them out of old filing cabinets.

bullet 2002 Not Eudora columns in the Northland Reader Weekly
bullet2003 Not Eudora columns in the Northland Reader Weekly
bullet2004 Not Eudora columns in the Northland Reader
bullet2005 Not Eudora columns in the Reader Weekly (its been renamed)
2006 Not Eudora columns in the Reader Weekly
bullet2008 Red Plan Chronicles in the Reader Weekly
2008 Not Eudora columns in the Reader Weekly
bulletI've been invited to write occasional columns for the Duluth Budgeteer
bulletOpinion Index Harry's columns on specific issues.
bulletthis is what he looks and sounds like when he's pontificating.
bulletSocrates - 1991 short and sweet reflection on another Greek Philosopher
bulletBob Dole on the Iraq War - 1991 - Not really an essay this was a letter-to-the-editor that I sent to the Topeka Daily Capitol in Bob Dole's home state. Subsequent events proved the wisdom of defending Kuwait but I was mad at Bob Dole for waving the bloody flag of patriotism to cast doubts on the loyalty of Democrat senators who had misgivings about going to war with Iraq.
bulletSearching for Bedru  My friend and high school guest was probably murdered by his government.
bulletGun Control - a letter to the editor I wrote in 1993. For some strange reason this is one of the most visited pages on my website. It got 208 visits between November 2001 through January 2002,
bulletEpistles and Missiles some letters
bulletSculpting Bill Clinton I wrote this for my Givemhellharry site in 2000 but I thought it was worth duplicating here
bulletCode Red I wrote this short analysis of health insurance costs for the Duluth Chamber of Commerce 
bulletLetters to Editors I hope to someday put all the letters-to-the-editor I've written over the years. I don't write so many now that I can vent by writing Not Eudora columns.
bulletEmail to Vic  unpublished Not Eudora column that got pushed aside by other topics Published   "Vic and I have traded email for four years."
bulletHidden Hitler Ever since I was a small child I heard that Adolph HItler was a "madman." I never believed it. In much the same way I've tried to learn about virtue by reading about people like Abe Lincoln I've looked for books that would explain Hitler with more analysis than moral outrage. I wrote this after reading Hidden Hitler which I think correctly identifies his homosexual side. Ironically his reign of terror made homosexuality just another target. How ironic, if true, if he was unapologetically gay in his youth. Since reading this book I've read the much more daunting "The Devil's Disciples" which examines him by looking at his principal acolytes.
bulletWhen I did not CREEP When I kept my distance from an invitation to work for the Nixon Campaign.