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Columns from 2008
By Harry Welty

About this column title. Iím not related to Eudora Welty, the short story writer, and she didnít care a whit about politics so this is definitely not Eudora. 


The Red Plan Chronicles Prologue to ?  Published Nov 7, 2007 to ?

A Pool Half Filled Published March 14, 2008 "A friend talked me into joining the swim team when I was a junior in high school. . ."

War on Terriers Published March 28, 2008  "The You Tube begins with a whining puppy held before a camera phone by the scruff of its neck. Its captor is a grinning, helmeted, marine in full battle rattle. . ."

The Final Say on the Red Plan  Published April 11, 2008    "Mike Jaros shook his head in disbelief as he recalled the justification for killing a referendum on the Red Plan, expressed by Board member Nancy Nilson at the infamous June, 2007 School Board meeting."

If Only He Was Boring  Published April 25, 2008  "A friend, who is about a half a generation older than me, told me that her daughter was aggravated because a black youth had a crush on her granddaughter."

Fuzzzzy Math  Published May 9, 2008   "As Mike Jarosí bill to require a vote on the Red Plan proceeds through the legislature, much to the Duluth News Tribuneís surprise, a debate has grown about how much the Red Plan will actually cost Duluth taxpayers."

Who is looking out for Duluth?  Published May 23, 2008 (This is the testimony Harry Welty gave to the Duluth School Board on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 6:30PM.)  I wish to read into the record a short summation of Johnson Controls business as they have been demonstrated in connection with the Red Plan.

Tag, Weíre It!  Published June 6, 2008    "A couple weeks ago my wife reported a bright blue tag painted on the retaining wall beside my house. It sort of looks like it reads: ď RAY Ē but I canít be sure."

No One Died Stupidly    "None of our senior graduates in the Duluth area died stupidly this spring. At least, none that I know of. Praise the Lord! ..."

The Red Plan is Doomed Published July 4, 2008   "I recently asked who would save Duluth from the Red Plan. Even as I wrote that I was predicting in my blog, www.lincolndemocrat.com, that the Red Plan is doomed. . ."

Our Old House Published July 18, 2008  "If memory serves my homeís deed shows that it was built in 1914 during Duluth ís heyday when the City had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States ."

Gone with the Wind Published Aug. 1, 2008  "As a little kid growing up in Topeka , Kansas , my family would often troop down to the basement when civil defense sirens warned us that conditions were ripe for tornados. I always wanted to stay above ground to see a twister like the one that blew Dorothy Galeís house onto the Wicked Witch of the West. . ."

Red Plan Critics Here to Stay    Published Aug 2, 2008 in the Duluth News Tribune - "Last year the News Tribune published my thoughts on Johnson Controls: ďClever Corporation runs School Boardís Big Decision,Ē Oct. 27, 2007 .  It prompted an overheated columnist in another Forum Communicationís publication to advise JCI to sue me for slander. . ."

ďMy Name is Reinert . . .Thank youĒ  Published Aug. 29, 2008   "Next to cluelessness, arrogance is about the last thing Duluth taxpayers can afford in a state legislator. Iím afraid that with Roger Reinert Duluth will get a little of both along with bad spelling."

Welcome to College Andrew   Published Sept. 11, 2008  "Labor Day has become the day my wife most wants to leave town. Itís not the cause that vexes her. Itís the spring-like smelt run of college students back to the North Shore . . ." 

Whipping them with our noodles  Published April 11, 2008   "People on Dr. Dixonís citizenís committee which gave us the Red Plan were pledged to keep their silence once a decision had been made should they disagree with it. . ."

1 in 5 x $5, Nov. 4th Published Oct. 10, 2008   "Can the Duluth School Board take away our constitutionally protected right to vote like every other Minnesotan? Only if Duluth voters are sheep. . .  ."

Thrills not Chills Published Oct. 24, 2008  "For better than two years I have been thrilled to watch the unfolding campaign of Barack Obama for the Presidency. For half that time Iíve been chilled by the theft of my vote and the imposition of the monstrous Red Plan on the Duluth Schools. It may take the election of Ryan Stauber, a Republican, to undo the damage that will be inflicted on our schools because of our arrogant School Board"


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