First Cheese Head

Frankly Bill Clinton got more attention from me than he deserved. In 1997 after I sculpted Mt. Rushmore I got the idea of sculpting the Prez again but this time as a tourist looking up at the monument. His first scandals were being aired and it was pretty embarrassing. He was carrying around books about the great presidents and the pundits were all saying that he was trying to figure out what his legacy was going to be. I could just picture Bill hoping against hope that some day his image would be carved up on the mountain. 

This was also the year that the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl. I couldn't think of a better person than Bill to be their number one cheese head. The Trib put the picture in their paper apparently without realizing who my Green Bay fan was. Probably just as well.

Sculpting Bill Clinton  I wrote this in 2000 when I was running for the State Senate.  I first sculpted Clinton in Jan 1993 just after he was sworn into office. Events have conspired so as to diminish Clinton and his legacy.

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