My Sculptures 1987-2000There's no business like
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I became an official snow sculptor in the Winter of 1988. My daughter, Keely, asked me to sculpt a snow dinosaur. The year before I had made a snow bunny for Easter in the backyard. As I contemplated her request I tried to imagine a twenty foot snow tyrannosaurus Rex looming over the heavy traffic that passes our house. My T Rex was little more than an iguana. I was pretty embarrassed so I tried to improve my work by carving a stegosaurus beneath the iguana's jaws. You can see it didn't intimidate my daughter.

What follows are pictures of most of my creations over the past thirteen years. A few of these pictures are thumbnails. Click them and you can see a larger version.

Spring 1987

Bugs showed up in the backyard of our old house on a warm spring
day.  Keely remembered it when she put in a request for a dinosaur the
next year at our new house.


Iguana don - After Keely's request started my snow sculpting career
(Stegasaurus added later to hide T Rex wannabe's prostrate position)

 Bunny with eggs


22nd wreck (Plea for a stop light after 21 accidents in our first year at 2101 E 4th St.)

 Santa on a Triceratops. Santa was an afterthought when Christmas arrived


 Mommy and Baby Triceratops. We got a lot of snow this year.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex (not an iguana) Stared at the two
vegetarians on the other side of the steps.


Who is Phil?
Phil on the loose atop Old Central High School


Phil Redux

Phil and I send a letter to the editor

In honor of Desert Storm


Bill's sax  check this for my thoughts on Bill 

Chilly Pup Thumbnail - DeWitt Seitz Red Flannel Days 

Skiing Stegosaurus at Cable, WI for Birky


Coca-Cola Santa

  Sea Dragon

  Birky Bear.jpg (5244 bytes)
Birky Bear Cable, Wisconsin

ButterflySp94.jpg (4693 bytes)



Gingerbread House For Fitger's Winter Festival



St.Bernard with Cask for Birkebeiner, Cable, Wisconsin

UMD Bulldog "Champ"


Looking for his place in history, NOT! or Man from Hope

 CheeseheadW97.jpg (7681 bytes)
 First Cheesehead click here for an explanation

Bill at Mt. Rushmore - click pic to enlarge
Whitewhale2jpg.jpg (17524 bytes)
White Whale thmbnl. White Whale #2

  20 Minute Dinosaur (went up fast)


The Scream (at an unexpected snow fall)


 Bear's dancing

  Bearspanking (for whoever pushed over the polar bears)

Loon riding Laskainen Sled Run at Palo, MN
Peace Bell at Memorial Park Winter Festival 

Education Governor (Jesse with Mortar Board)


Charles Schultz Memorial 

Goblin.jpg (Meant to be a MN Viking until face fell off)

DinoEgg.jpg for Two Harbors snow sculpting

Sea Serpent

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