Snow sculptures 2002-03

OK! OK!  So its not a snow sculpture.  I was desperate to make something this snowless Winter.  I couldn't bear to toss my gingerbread house in the trash after Christmas so I put it out for the birds. Hansel tried to crawl down the chimney. When that didn't work he ate it instead.

Memorial Winter Carnival 
Helping Hand (Father helping son on ice)

This sculpture is made from "zamboni snow," ice scraped off of local skating rinks. Hey, it worked. So far this has been a brown winter.

Palo Troll

This was my fourth year building sculptures at Palo's Laskainen. Palo is a Finish town which celebrates a traditional Finish Sledding holiday each February by building an ice sled which descends forty feet down to the frozen surface of a lake. There was very little snow on the ground so they gave me champagne snow. It was water from Champagne Lake which is used to build up the base for the nearby Giant's Ridge Ski Hill. It has a slightly golden hue. Pretty rich stuff for a troll.


Snow Gremlin - Finally at the end of February we got 7 inches of "lake effect snow." Within two days it was compressed down to 2 inches all the air having been squeezed out. Still, it was enough to do a little something. Grumpy (It was going to be one of the seven dwarfs but I quit early to go to a school board meeting) was only four feet tall. Why is the East Coast getting all of our snow?


Swallow's Nest - in October 2001 The Wyatt family bought my services at a school silent auction to help them build a snow sculpture. Then it stopped snowing. Finally, in late March 2003 six inches of real snow fell on Duluth. Dylan designed a swallow and I suggested a nest of baby birds. The whole family pitched in and we built this harbinger of Spring.

Snow Fort Snowball Fight - Using the same late March Snowfall I built this sculpture. Its one of the first I've made without making a picture or a clay model in advance. It just popped into my head. It took me five hours of hauling the snow to the front yard and about three hours of actual sculpting. It was warm sticky snow. just perfect.

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