Snow sculptures 2003-04
Three Magi
To the right of the magi is an outline map of modern day Iraq. I've inscribed the words from the second chapter of Luke on the map "...Behold, there came wise men from the east. . . "

For my Buddhist sister in the Minneapolis's Seward Neighborhood. Sorry to say the photo was taken after dusk and the flash washed out the image. I couldn't take another picture because by midnight his head had fallen off in the unexpected heat.

My sculpture for the annual Palo Laskianen Festival

Dragon 04

I sculpted this the day after piling up four feet of snow.  That pile was composed of snow from my backyard. I scraped the top three inches of snow, which was was wet and sticky from 40 degree temperatures. The snow below 3 inches, about a foot in depth, was still too cold to work. Although the temps dipped back below freezing that night the pile remained warm and sticky inside. The next day, except for a thin frozen crust the snow was perfect for sculpting, sticky as clay. It was the only sticky snow in Duluth however. Earlier that same day I helped a local church's youth group sculpt a flock of sheep around the church. Because there was no sticky snow I had all the students carve their sheep in bas relief from the snowbanks pushed up on the edge of their parking lot. (Bas relief carvings are the ones you find sculpted onto walls or in cameos) When I was asked me what was going sculpt at my house that day I explained that it would be something that would eat the sheep if it got the chance. 


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