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I retired from the Duluth School Board on Jan 6, 2004 after eight years of service. 
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"First God created idiots. That was for practice. Then he created school boards."
                   Mark Twain

If you don't read anything else on this page look at this. It is an email from a student troubled about my feud with Teacher's Union President, Frank Wanner, and my reply to the student. Its a good summation of my approach to conflict 

Dear School Board Diary I started a diary of my life as a Duluth School Board member at the beginning of the year 2000 but suspended it one year later as a peace keeping gesture to other school board members.In December 2001 it was reborn as:  
"A Politician's Diary"  It didn't last long.

Duluth Public Schools Endowment Fund I became a trustee of the Endowment in the Fall of 2005

Frank Words  This will take you to columns written by Frank Wanner the president of the Teacher's Union in the union newsletter.  My favorite page is Accentuate the positive which includes one quote from every DFT newsletter I got hold of over many years. I took exception to its caustic tone for instance its tongue in cheek charge that the only thing a school superintendent does is to call snow days. Subsequent to my posting of these columns the tone of the Newsletter moderated.

Education News
4 year's worth of Education related news stories copied shamelessly from the daily press and archived here in chronological order. Our local paper called me to task about reprinting these stories and I stopped doing it but I have yet to erase these pages because some are linked to other pages on my website.


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  1. Duluth Public Schools Official Web Page This is a link to the official web page for the Duluth Public Schools. 

  2. Zenith Plan vs. Corridor Plan - Early in 2001 I proposed a two-highschool plan which the school board ignored. This is a comparison of my plan and the plan once favored but now, apparently, scrapped by the School District.

  3. Its Not Just Because - a column explaining why I think it would be foolish to close either Chester Park or Grant School.

  4. Administrative and Board email Contacts for ISD 709

  5. Before you write to the school board

  6. Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning

  7. The CFL's page for Minnesota School District Comparisons

  8. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Education

  9. Homework and Reference Page Great places to find things for homework or whatever.

  10. Wild About Mary I was the chairman of Mary Cameron's 2001 Volunteer Committee. I wanted her back on the School board. She won!

  11. 2001 Excess Levy Website

  12. The levy fails! The Board will be executing bloody cuts soon. Brad ( I got the District into debt myself and wrecked the District's car ) Bennett helped make this necessary. Read  FIGHT's shameless and inaccurate ad raising blood money on the backs of Duluth's children .  

  13. Education News  (Mostly Duluth related) 1999-2000-2001-2002
    For five months in 1999 I rated every education article in the Duluth print media to see if the news coverage was as negative as many teachers think. You may check out my rating and view some of the stories. I'll be thinning these stories out over time. I am also copying current news stories and making links to them elsewhere on this web site.

  14. School District Profiles My impressions of people in the Duluth School District

  15. Who Do da Voodoo? I do! An explanation of a very peculiar story.  (I have not yet linked all the corresponding information to this site yet.)

  16. Education Finance Reform I wrote a college paper in 1971 about what was to become known as the "Minnesota Miracle." Its early evidence of my interest in this arcane subject matter. I found it recently and reproduced it along with some comments.

  17. Campaign 99 UNDERCONSTRUCTION.GIF (299 bytes) Including the possibly never to be completed "Who Won and Why." 

  18. Crisis in the Duluth Schools Jan 2001 - Nov 2001

  19. Politician's Diary from Nov 2001 - This is the successor to my School Board Diary 

  20. UNDERCONSTRUCTION.GIF (299 bytes)Harry Welty Teacher, Three Strikes and You're Out (This page has not yet been created It was originally written on an Apple computer on a different word processing system.  I have heard that there is software available which will convert the text from that system into Microsoft word.   We shall see.) Prior to my second unsuccessful run for the school board I sat down and began writing a history of my disastrous attempts to become a teacher.   When I realized such a memoir would do little to help my election I shelved it.   Still, my experiences are instructive and it was satisfying to pound them out.   Understanding my dismal teaching service is a key to understanding what drives me as a school board member. After I publish these reminiscences on the web I will begin the process of editing them so they will change as time goes by. 

  21. DFT Vice President Files DFT vice presidents often express themselves in print. Here's a sampling

  22. Cartoons Some even drawn by me

  23. Harry's opinions that will astound you

  24. If I were an Edison Parent (under attack) with a brief history of Edison, the Duluth School Board, and the DFT

  25. and just in case there were any doubts about my having been a teacher and a teacher and a member of the teacher's union.