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We petitioned the School Board twice. Over 3,000 voters signed each petition. The School Board ignored both petitions explaining that they were the deciders.

Our second petition begged for a compromise and offered a plan that cost 2/3rds of the Red Plan's total expense. This is what our second petition said:


We (the undersigned) do hereby petition under MN Statute 205A.05 the following school district question, by special election, as soon as possible.

Shall ISD 709 be authorized to issue general obligation bonds totaling $128,000,000 to be used with an estimated $66,092,086 in bonds and investment earnings previously approved by the Board for alternative facilities to build two new middle schools and two new elementary schools; repair and remodel three high schools, one middle school, and five elementary schools; repair and expand two elementary schools; and repair and remodel “Old Central High” and the Secondary Technical Center?  YES_______       NO_____

This is how we first envisioned our Plan B to look.

But after the Attorney General ruled that she could see nothing wrong about our petition we met with the School District and wrote a request to develop a full fledged plan to present to the State. We drew up a request for consultants to help us and submit bids. This seems only to have enraged the Superintendent and they sent us a letter saying our RFP was not consistent with our petition. We disagree. 

This is our first petition

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