Friday, May 2, 2003

Pie in the Face 

Dear Hockey Saga Diary,

I had three school related activities today to keep my mind off the hockey saga. But I spend the morning getting the saga diary and blog entries up to date. After five hours of writing I was glad to drive over to Lincoln school.

I had told Amy Kaiser at last month's Education Committee meeting to let me know when she started teaching juggling. I went over 11:30 and worked with two classes. I told them I didn't learn how to juggle till I was over 30. I got so caught up I almost forgot my next assignment up at NERCC (the regional corrections center). I was five minutes late to the parenting class that Diane Mozol teaches. She too is one of our special ed teachers and works with the inmates teaching them parenting skills. 

I took my black bag of books as usual to give them some pointers on reading to their kids. Its about the fifth time I've been up there. Not surprisingly the book they most wanted to borrow to read to their kids was "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs." The wolf was framed!

I got a call from Julio  this afternoon to give me a heads up on the response from our attorneys to the questions I had sent to them on Monday. I've been wanting to share the letter with the people emailing me but the attorneys suggested that if I did or if I posted it on this web page I might compromise our attorney-client relationship. I was very disappointed. People have been asking to release the Randolph information. Randolph himself has been asking for it. They tell us we can give this information to Mike but I can't share my letter to the lawyers or their letter back to us without the risk of giving his attorneys grounds to sue us for violating his privacy.

Julio says that Mike will be given his files but that it might take us a little while to go through them first to make sure no one else is mentioned in them. Those names would have to be expunged or their privacy could be compromised too. 

All I could do was roll my eyes. I joked that I felt like a guy who had to stick his head in the hole at the pie throwing contest. All I could do was smile and bite my tongue as my constituents threw pies at me. I promised to abide by the attorneys recommendation. I'll bet that they would have a heart attack if they read this.

I figure that at the very least I can safely mention  one of my comments in the letter because I've already said it to plenty of callers. I've told people that its not fair for Mike to be able to request his personnel information but then be able to turn around and sue us for what he finds. That's what his extra-curricular contract protects us from. We can release people arbitrarily no-questions-asked just as they can step down without any fear of penalty. 

I stewed about our legal restriction until 5:30 when I went over to Chester Park's Carnival. Their art specialist, Deb Hannu, had asked me to be a judge at the "edible art" contest. Wearing an apron I joined three student art teachers and judged sixty or seventy art objects d'art. A remarkable face mask like the one found in King Tut's tomb took the top prize. 

I get a kick out the Carnival. I was its games chairman for three years running after it was inaugurated in 1988.  I was particularly pleased to find that the maze tradition I started is still going strong. Chester parents are still making a big one out of appliance boxes on the gym stage. I've left a legacy.

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