Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Dear Hockey Saga Diary,

The more I though about "Deep Throat's" anonymous contribution to information sharing the more it occurred to me that the Hurricane had just shifted blowing in the opposite direction. It was a gut feeling.

I got a call from a guy  from church. He told me he though of me and the interview of me he saw on television last night as he was reading the "Sound Off" section of the Sport's Page. He was particularly incensed by the West Point graduate who stuck up for Randolph. My friend (who was once a school administrator) couldn't believe that a West Pointer had no conception of following the rules and insubordination. I don't know who told my friend that this was involved in the Randolph decision but he felt strongly that the Administration ought to be supported. 

Then I got a call from the mother of one of the East hockey players. She told me she had seen me on television and just wanted to tell me that I'd done well. She too felt that the District had much bigger fish to fry.

The press was calling regularly now. A local radio talk show host, Bruce Ciskie, had sent me an email asking me if I would give a brief interview. As we emailed back and forth he asked me what I'd meant when I told him that I thought the hurricane had started blowing the other direction. 

Randolph SB rubber stamp smile from ear to ear.

Demand from atty and press for Randolph files.

Started putting my Hockey email on Snowbizz

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